About Us

Who Are We

An Information Technology consulting organization based in Amman-Jordan, established to provide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services and solutions to health and development organizations to enable them to make informed decisions that ultimately provide high-quality technical support to strengthen the organization’s roles and support them to achieve their strategic goals by embedding most recent digital solutions in their business model.

In line with ISEET’s slogan “Accelerating Digital Transformation,” ISEET offers different ICT services to support organizations in the MENA region and the globe by addressing the organization’s needs through providing digital product analysis, design, development, management, training, documentation, assessment, and evaluation.

At ISEET, our mission is to enhance a business’ value creation for their stakeholders through means of customized and affordable ICT solutions with an uncompromising attitude towards quality.

We propel organizations to make accurate fact-based decisions, which are backed by digital solutions to allow them to be more successful. Our innovative approach and vast expertise make organizations more efficient, scale their growth, and fulfill their goals.

What Do We Do

ISEET aims to provide clients with platforms that allow them to scale their growth. Our work is centered on leveraging our industry expertise to find the right solutions that are aligned with your strategic and organizational goals.

As the leading Digital Transformation partner, ISEET understands the importance of customized solutions. Digital transformation is an entire strategy on its own, which requires a change in processes, roles and most importantly, a change in the organizational mindset.

Here is a list of the services that we provide:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Solutions
  • Product Development
  • ICT Services
  • Branding and Design
  • Content Development
  • Training and Capacity Building

While every service demands a different approach and execution, the fundamental principle behind every field that we cater to remains upgrading the organization’s mode of operations to suit the growing needs.

Our team comprises of renowned experts of the digital sphere, carving a name through successful digital implementation across a plethora of industries. Their drive to better themselves means that they are not just deriving answers to your problems from past experience, but also setting your organization on the path to future success.

Packed with the passion to help better organizations, ISEET is your perfect partner to brace for a digital future.

Where We Work

ISEET provides its comprehensive services to cater to the clients operating in the MENA region. As the world confines to a global village, the MENA region has emerged to be one of the rapidly growing markets for IT solutions – with an estimated IT spend of $165 billion projected in 2019.

The exponential rise of the regional ICT economy led to an overwhelming demand for a tech-solution provider that could help organizations improve, modernize, and effectively scale their growth. ISEET was formed as a response to the demand, packing compact services under one roof that equip businesses with the tools and counsel that they have been missing in their pursuit of sustained growth.

These are the values we live and work by.

Our ethical and moral values reflect every aspect of our organization.


We treat every client exclusively and attentively to ensure maximum satisfaction.


We do what we love, and we do it with utmost dedication. The results just follow.


Award-winning creativity is amazing, but our clients want results. We bring the best of both worlds.


No jargon to mask our performance, we tell you the facts as they are.


The hallmark of every successful project – we ensure our partners are on board with every decision.

Digital Transformation is a journey, ISEET is the partner you need to lead the way.

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