Document Management System

From recruitment to updates in the corporate policy, documents form the backbone of organizational data. ISEET modernizes what would be a tedious management burden, into a matter of a few clicks by integrating a modern Document Management System. This allows organizations to handle information resources like content capture, data repositories, and information retrieval systems as well as manage information sharing from a single screen. Streamlined document access ensures that data dissemination remains easy, boosting team collaboration and communication.

Knowledgebase System

Knowledge in an organizational sense refers to the culmination of systematic approaches to help information and data, or knowledge, reach the right people at the right time, in order to create more value for the organization. The key to success in this data-led era relies heavily on an organization’s ability to harness the potential of its ‘intellectual capital. Storage and effective communication of such knowledge allows organizations to leverage insights derived from the past in order to function smoothly in the foreseeable future. ISEET assists organizations develop the required set of processes that govern the correct utilization of the human intellect possessed by the organization.

Data Management System

The era of ‘Big Data’ is symbolized by organizations leveraging critical data that can be analyzed to improve business processes. Data management is an administrative process that entails capturing, verifying, and storing business data through every delivery channel scattered across the organization. ISEET’s experts assist organizations in setting up a comprehensive data management system that is tailored according to the client’s requirements. A data management system allows organizations to effectively gather insights into customer behavior and business processes and discover newer opportunities to improve upon the value that is delivered to the customers or target audience.

Mobile Data Collection

Businesses need to be constantly invested into research and development to derive valuable insights that can enhance decision making effectiveness. Mobile data collection allows businesses to create survey systems that feature interconnected questionnaires to be presented to different customers. Research projects that look to analyze the current situation better, greatly benefit from data collection methodologies that unearth the customer feedback necessary to make decisions based on evidence. ISEET equips businesses with mobile data collection methods that enable them to infer accurate data and analyze the current situation better.

Reporting Dashboard

The ‘dashboard’ has seen a massive rise in popularity across management systems due to the enhanced feasibility and convenience it provides to organizations. As the core data visualization tool, a dashboard allows businesses to access the current performance of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) through a centralized interface. In essence, ISEET curates a proprietary dashboard system that is tailored to your business model and adaptive to what metrics you deem important. Equipped with automated data management and live alerts, dashboards afford enhanced collaboration with intuitive features such as drag and drop, publish and like – while simultaneously allowing stakeholders to control the rights and privileges afforded to each user.

Training Registration and Evaluation

A training registration system equips organizations to streamline an event sign-up procedure which would be tedious otherwise. With advanced payment integration and intuitive interface, ISEET equips companies with increased customization features such as costs, restrictions, and reminders. From tailoring the event type and payment options, to defining the booking and reminder dates. In addition to event registration, ISEET also provides evaluation systems to assess whether various training workshops have been successful or not. A customized evaluation system can help generate and edit such training rules for a different level of users in an organization. Not only does it provide an insight to gauge the effectiveness of the workshop, but it can also be used for advanced insights into trainee behavior through split-testing and other mechanisms.

Event Engagement and Networking

Once participants have agreed to an event, entities are tasked with facilitating users throughout the event which includes reminders, attendee networking, post-event insights, and a platform for forging professional relationships. With ISEET, organizations enjoy access to a system that is tailored to the needs of your business, helping create a memorable experience that allows participants to communicate with the organizations and amongst themselves. From smart matching participants to allowing developers to create apps specifically for the event, ISEET assists organizations go one step ahead for their customers or target audience.

Project Management

As one of the most crucial aspects of an organization, a solid and well-strategized project management system ensures that the project is adequately handled throughout the various stages; from planning and organizing, all the way to managing different aspects of the project. ISEET understands the importance of project management and helps organizations leverage its management expertise which allows them to keep a track on the time estimates, as well as the financial estimates attached with the project. Additionally, a project management system also warrants that the risk factor is adequately managed throughout the venture to help it keep feasible for the organization.

Business Process Management

An organization is the culmination of several distinct business processes that go through various departments and levels in the organization to enable it to keep functioning. ISEET aims to provide a stable infrastructure for its clients, which enables them to monitor and swiftly execute such a defined set of tasks. It allows businesses to effectively monitor how different aspects of the organization coordinate to form a workflow, and how the process can be improved to benefit the organization even further. ISEET takes immense pride in its cloud-based business process management software, which helps automate business processes to boost organizational efficiency.

Social Network for Business

The purpose-driven and professional atmosphere of organizations require a specifically designed social media interface, which ensures increased connectivity and enhanced communication while maintaining the casual tone that symbolizes social media. ISEET integrates corporate sector entities with an advanced platform that allows users to communicate in groups, and store and share valuable information. This helps maintain the casual influx of ideas, questions and personal updates that make social media a ‘fun’ place. Corporate social media can lead to higher engagement from team members which can be used to devise innovative solutions to the problems faced by the organization. From uploading files to chatting with your colleagues, ISEET ensures the software provides enterprise-grade security throughout your organization.

Learning Management System

In an economy marked by constant evolution, people are constantly on the lookout to educate and improve their knowledge base further. ISEET establishes a Learning Management System that enables administrators to disseminate and deliver educational courses, training programs, and development procedures. Not only does the learning system allow various entities – including schools, universities, and multinational corporations to name a few – to highlight lacking areas where there is a need further development, but it also allows administrators to utilize the unique insights it provides to fine-tune learning practices. An LMS can enable organizations to oversee personal development right from the beginning, acting as a source of continuous refinement of human capital by making learning easier.

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