Training Platform for “Data4Action” Mobile Data Collection Tool

Project Title: Training Platform for “Data4Action” Mobile Data Collection Tool

Client: UNICEF MENA Regional Office

Location: Jordan

Address: and

Service: Product Development, Content Development and End-user Support

Year: 2021-2022

Duration: Two Years Contract


UNICEF is intended to institutionalize Data4Action Mobile Tool to offer survey development, data capturing and data analysis services for MENRAO region and beyond. The aim of this project is to develop a comprehensive and interactive training platform for Data4Action Mobile Tool where MOH staff, consultants, health professionals and others can access this platform, to get full information about the Data4Action tool, how to setup, how to use and conduct data collection projects and assessments without any external support or training. As well as allow users know more about other countries success stories while using Data4Action tool.

To support project goals, ISEET worked to develop an interactive training platform, meanwhile platform considered as the official website for Data4Action Mobile Tool.

Platform is designed to provide information and training materials categorized in different components. It includes overview website component which will provide web-based information about the tool and how it can be used. Website includes other sections such as about the tool, who is using, success stories and contact us. In Addition to website, platform includes Help Center component where the Data4Atction Mobile Tool Guidance provided in a user-friendly, and web-based format. Help Center includes Knowledgebase sub-section which has all information as web-based about tool setup, survey customizations…etc. Knowledgebase base provides search option and offer all information categorized and structured for easy access and better user experience. Help Center includes Resources sub-section where all downloadable materials, guideline, articles, use cases and tools which can be used by Data4Action users in any country. As well as “FAQ” sub-section to provide pre-answered questions.

In addition, platform contains Learning Management System (LMS) component, to offer interactive and eLearning training materials for Data4Action target audience. LMS provided to help new users to access training manual and learn how to setup and use the tool by themselves to conduct any surveys without external support.

Platform also includes Community component where members can interact with each other, share knowledge and experiences about using Data4Action Mobile Tool. Community section includes interactivity and social networking functionality like Network, Forums, Group Discussions, and Messaging. Community component is integrated with the LMS component where members can see course progress for others, like and comment. The Community component designed to raise awareness about Data4Action in a very interactive manner, encourage other members to participate and use the tool. It helps to develop online community for using Data4Action for immunization and others, to bring health professionals in MEAN region together and equip them with tools and instruments they need to achieve their learning path in using Data4Action to conduct data collection projects.

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