Applying Digital Transformation on CBOs to Prevent Cybercrime and Achieve Digital Safety

Project Title: Applying Digital Transformation on CBOs to Prevent Cybercrime and Achieve Digital Safety and Provide Online Support to Hard-to-Reach Communities
Clients: Siren Associates and Arab Women Organization (AWO)
Location: Jordan, Mafraq
Services: Digital Transformation Assessment & Product Development

Year: 2022 – Duration: 9 Months


Digital transformation has a profound effect on organizations and individuals. It affects the organizations’ performance and produces new innovative business models and approaches for employees and the community. In collaboration with Siren Associate, ISEET team worked to explore technology that community-based organizations (CBOs) can use to provide protection services to vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities. The need for this research has become even more apparent considering COVID-19: While public and private sectors in Jordan have increased the availability of goods and services online. The research, monitoring, evaluation, and learning team indicate that CBOs have found it more difficult to provide remote services using digital solutions.

During the project, ISEET was able to perform a full assessment of for AWO to evaluate its digital transformation maturity. During the project, ISEET developed the AWO’s Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment and Solution Design Report, which includes detailed information about AWO IT infrastructure (hardware and software), and staff competencies to pave the way to design and embed digital solutions/tools into current business processes and services provided to the local community. With a focus on encouraging AWO to use the most recent technology, especially to provide support regarding internet protection and cybercrime issues. This report is considered a foundation for establishing the AWO digital transformation journey. It defines AWO’s business needs, equipment requirements, gaps and challenges, recommendations, solutions, and actions to be taken to transform AWO.

During the project and according to the digital transformation maturity report, ISEET implemented the recommendations and solutions (prioritized solutions) mentioned in the report. Implemented solutions included installing new hardware to improve connectivity, and team collaboration, event registrations system, Cybercrime Virtual Service Center Platform: (Online Learning & Community Platform for Cybercrime), windows licenses, professional scanner and printer, professional camera, smartphones, TV screen, WiFi access points, and laptops RAM upgrade. The report also included long term solutions and recommendations which needs more time and budget to be implemented, noting that AWO is referring to the report when they plan or implement any service improvements.

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