Design of “Delivogo” as a Food Delivery Mobile Application


Project Title: Design of “Delivogo” as a Food Delivery Mobile Application

Client: Join Visions

Location: Jordan

Services: Business Needs Analysis and UI/UX Design

Year: 2020


In the modern world of the information superhighway, information and service delivery has grown faster and more efficient, so many material-based products are no longer needed on the physical level to be delivered or acquired by the user. Still, there are products and goods in the value chain of human needs that still need to be material available to be returned to the end consumer.

The delivery of services to consumers was a principle introduced previously when the order was done over the phone. The customer would say what he wanted and describe the address and pay when the order was delivered, now this process evolved and grown to a new dimension of how to contact the service provider, how to order, how to track the order, and how the order will be delivered to the destination.

The first movers were the food delivery and grocery delivery service providers. Then the box movers, who deliver items from one place to another, each these services were done on a separate application. Not all transactions and communication were happening on the same platform. Still, the service is fragmented and has its faults and weak points; this is where Delivogo Team researched these faults and came up with a solution that would resolve most of the issues that the current service providers still need to solve.

The added value factors

  • One Application to order (Food – Drinks – Grocery – Box)
  • The Box service is expandable from (7 kg – 25 kg – 200 kg – 2 Ton) delivery
  • The Intelligent Delivery process The Delivery is done with an algorithm that is unique in sending the service or product from the place of product development or origin to the destination.