Digital Transformation of Iraq’s Health System through CRVS Development

Project Title: Digital Transformation of Iraq’s Health System through CRVS Development

Client: Ministry of Health and UNICEF Iraq

Service: Training and Product Development

Year: 2023-2024


In a significant shift towards digital health, the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Iraq, in collaboration with UNICEF Iraq, wanted a transformative step to digitalize healthcare services in Iraq. This project aimed to integrate digital tools to improve healthcare quality and coverage and enhance reporting and planning processes.

This initiative revolved around developing the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) System. This system needed to digitalize birth registration and integrate it with immunization programs across primary health centers. An effective monitoring and follow-up of children’s health, aiming to reduce zero-dose cases and ensure comprehensive tracking at all service points.

Role of ISEET

Training and Capacity Building

ISEET conducted a comprehensive IT Training and capacity-building program for the MoH IT team. This program focused on developing skills in Microsoft ASP .Net Core, which is essential for creating digital platforms supporting digital health service digitalization, particularly in birth registration.

The training encompassed six phases, including workshops on programming, analysis, design, deployment, ongoing remote support, and mentoring. The program ensured MoH’s Directorate of Planning and Directorate of Public Health IT were well equipped and trained to manage and sustain the developed digital solutions.

System Development and Deployment

The system’s development involved four critical workshops, each focusing on different aspects, such as business analysis, design, programming, coding, testing, and finalizing. The system is ready and fully functional and deployed on MoH servers, ensuring efficient operation and accessibility.

Deliverables and Ongoing Support

ISEET delivered the system with a comprehensive design plan and developed functionalities with optimized performance and quality assurance reports. Post-launch ISEET is providing technical support and maintenance to ensure long-term system sustainability.


The collaboration between UNICEF, ISEET, and the MoH IT team set the stage for Iraq’s more efficient, digitalized healthcare system. This initiative is a significant step towards improving healthcare services, particularly in birth registration and immunization tracking, contributing to the overall health and well-being of the Iraqi population. It also supports the MoH Directorate of Planning and the Directorate of Public Health Information Technology as part of the continuous improvement and strengthening of the immunization system in Iraq.

Project Overview Video